21 August 2014

we tried.

Sometimes, I actually like to pretend that I'm organized and together enough to try and take nicer pictures.  Not really nice or professional pictures by any means, but something a bit more planned than, "oh, that's cute *click*" or "I should take a picture of this."  The girls were in great moods on Sunday, so we took a few then and it was mainly a bunch of giggles.  I tried again yesterday, with the help of one of my  neighbors, and Lily was so grumpy and tired it was a mess.  Oh well.  I enjoy the silly pictures as well as the passable ones.  I have no idea how professional photographers keep the interest and attention of three little girls while taking great pictures, so until someone shares that with me, I'll be content with the cute candids I can take.

Lily looks so much like me here.
see?  also, whoa.

I can't believe how alike they all look here.

Emma has this smolder look down to an art.

I don't know, Lily suddenly likes sticking her tongue out.

"Lily, smile!"
eh. whatever.
Maybe they will all cooperate for pictures when I actually catch up on the laundry.  
...several years down the road.


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