29 August 2014

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The girls seem to have bounced back fairly well from our adventures earlier in the month.  I, on the other hand, still feel like I'm dragging and behind on everything.  While I get a semi defeated feeling when I rewrite the day's and week's to do lists with the same goals from the previous day/week, I am slowly making progress.  It took me all week, but I actually did get all the laundry caught up from our trip.  While Jesse did keep everything in shape while I was gone- so I could come home to a clean house and no dishes in the sink!- I had hidden (in the normal "hiding" spot) a few loads worth of laundry that needed done, so catching up on all the wash was an all week process.  But.  I didn't have to wash dishes and the house was clean so I had space to destroy it when I unpacked.  Perfect.

I think it's been awhile since I did a status update on these three little goofballs we are raising.

Lily is great and getting so big.  She's (of course) brilliant and absorbing information like a sponge.  I have recently realized that she needs something else occasionally, and it isn't that she's being bad or difficult, she just has way more energy than I do.  Additionally, she and I are still trying to figure out an appropriate level of rough and tumble with her little sisters.  One of her favorite pastimes is rolling around on the floor with Kaylee, and hauling her up into a seated position or dragging her up onto her lap.  While Kaylee is just giggling wildly, this makes me incredibly nervous at times with how "rough" she is being.  But then I see the smile and hear the giggles and try and isn't always easy finding the balance of what's ok and what is a bit too much before the tears.  Lily and Emma are inseparable, as much as they drive each other nuts some times.  Lily will pretend to be so upset and declare she doesn't like Emma, but then 2 minutes later, be sad Emma isn't playing with her.  Yesterday, when Emma was napping, Lily asked for some blueberries.  While I was getting her a small bowlful, she asked me to please leave enough to make sure Emma would be able to have some after her nap.  
Emma is hilarious.  She is so spunky and going to be the life of the party here.  Selfishly, it makes me so incredibly happy that she looks like me and a little nervous that she is starting to take after me.  I will tell Jesse something she has done during the day and he will just laugh and say, "she is exactly you."  Or I will mention to a family member one of her antics and they just laugh and comment the same thing.  While she is sweet and sensitive, she also definitely has a quick temper.  That just can't come from me...
Anyway, sweet side: she has recently started to really love Kaylee.  She can now say her name and refers to her as Kaylee, instead of "Baby."  She gets so sad when Kaylee cries and wants to make sure I'm doing everything I can to comfort her, and will suggest if I need to feed Kaylee or she wants to wiggle on the floor.  Emma is always trying to help feed her when we do solids at dinner, and last night, when I didn't get upstairs fast enough to take care of crying Kaylee, Emma started screaming hysterically to get my attention and when I showed up, she said "Kaylee crying," and calmed right down when I put her back in bed.  One adventure that is new is sleepwalking.  It took awhile for us to realize that's what was going on, and if it wasn't right in the middle of the night for about an hour, I'd be more amused.  One night, on one trip out of their room, she got out of her bed and just stood in the hall.  I went to pick her up and put her back in bed and her eyes were tightly shut and she was just standing and swaying.  Another night, I met her outside her door and when I touched her to guide her back to bed, she just laid down on the floor in the hallway.  The funniest was when I heard Kaylee crying one night, so I got up to check on her and saw the girls' door was open.  I went in to check on Emma and her bed was empty, which is pretty unnerving at 2 in the morning.  I looked around quickly and then just quietly called her name, which woke her up enough to make her cry and get up from the little ball she'd been sleeping in right next to my side of  the bed.  I'm surprised I didn't step on her, but I thought it was the dog.
Kaylee is a champ.  Last night, as we were getting the big girls in jams, Jesse left Kaylee in the middle of the living room to help and said, "she is the calmest and best baby."  We went about our business and when I got up because I heard Kaylee squeaking, found her right outside the girls' room with a big smile because she'd found us.  I have had to start gating off the basement steps again and keeping the bathroom door shut because the kiddo is on the move.  And fast.  You can just see it in her eyes that she's so proud of herself when she finds me in another room.  At her 6 and a half month appointment, she was 22 pounds, 3 ounces, and 27ish inches long.  She is fully in 9 month clothes and has been for awhile, though some onesies and things she can still squeeze into the straight 6 month stuff.  Our doctor thinks that she will be hitting her milestones early, which isn't that surprising since she's such a big girl and has two older sisters to show her how to do things.  Regardless, she is sitting up and sitting herself up by herself, army crawling all over the house, and trying hard to like solid foods.  We've done sweet potato, squash, green beans and carrots, which she loves, and detests/refuses any cereal and peaches.  She grabs at anything she can if she's on my lap during a meal, but when I hand her things or put something like those little baby puffs in front of her, she isn't interested in getting it to her mouth.  She had been getting up quite a bit at night, but must have been bulking up (hah) for a growth spurt (hah), leveling out of a small one or has teeth moving around because this week she has done better at night and worse during the day.  She still sleeps great and easier than the other two, but she has been fighting sleep more.  Eh.  Babies are always changing and just when you think you've established a routine or all hope is lost, they switch it up on you.
Side note, has anyone else noticed with babies, there are only two feelings- black or white, no grey- about routines and figuring them out?  It's either "YAY I KNOW HER ROUTINE" or "I'm going to die, all hope is lost, I don't know what to do."  At least for me, I've never found a middle of the road there.
just a typical morning
one more shot at nice pictures
if this is an indication of what's coming...they just crack me up.  Kaylee is eating a leaf, and the faces the other two are just ridiculous.  this is my life.
we also were cool and filled a big tub full of water.  they thought this was the best thing ever. 

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