27 August 2014

Lily isms 24

Lily: Momma, I'm hungry!
Me: ok, what would you like for breakfast?
Lily: Uhm...macaroni and cheese!
Me: ....Ok....
Lily: with brown sugar!

While in Findlay, coloring chalk with my mom, Emma scribbled over a stick family my mom had drawn:
"Emma, no! You're messing up my whole life!

Driving home from Findlay, we passed an Amish family in a buggy. Lily asked what they were doing and what the horse was pulling, so I explained. After we saw another one:
"that pard-in-er man is sitting in the buggy and the horse was pulling him!"
(note: pardiner=partner=cowboy. like, "howdy partner!")

"Emma, don't pick that (scab)! You bleed all day morning!"

"oh for goodness. Oh for goodness, again! "

"Momma, I want to be Diana (Wonder Woman). I need her rope. And her hair!"

"when I was a baby, did I have teeth and foots?"

"But Momma, I need one more piece of drink!"

" oh, this is a big bite (of ice cream). I'll get a freeze cold."
-she was going for brain freeze.

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