09 May 2014

...say what? 1

After I panicked and yelled, "Emma! Don't rinse Kaylee's chupa in the toilet!," I realized I'm missing some comedy by not recording some of the absurd things Jesse and I have heard each other say. Really, my blog is turning more and more into a memory bank/diary for my scatter brained future self. And an added bonus if it keeps family/friends informed. So, we start another set of editions to my blog.

"Lily! Get out of Emma's nose!"

"Girls, please stop playing with my lip."

"Emma, don't fill your teacup from Zeke's water bowl."
- I believe the Emma-get-out-of-nasty-water will be a recurring trend.

"Lily, why are you kicking my bucket, again?"

Lily: Daddy, I think she (Kaylee) is crying.
Jesse: yeah, I think Lily, uh Emm-whoever this one is is hungry.

Jesse comes out of the girls room with Emma's blanket:
Jesse: apparently, Emma took her diaper off and peed on her blanket.
Me: does it smell? Or just wet?
Jesse: *horrified I-am-NOT-smelling-this-thing look* what??
Me: she was dumping Zeke's water on it, does it smell like pee?
Jesse: *cautiously sniffs*
Me: well?
Jesse: not pee. Just smells like horrible baby.

"Emma, get off of Emma. Wait. Emma, get off of Kaylee."

"How many times are you going to poop today?!"

Lily: why am I going to lose my teeth?
Me: so you can get bigger teeth to eat bigger food.
- hindsight: what?

"I can't wait until I'm a dad."

"If it's stupid and it works, it ain't stupid."

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