15 May 2014

Lily isms 19

Lily: Where is God?
Me: God is everywhere.
Lily: But WHERE is he?
Me: He's in heaven.
Lily: Up in the clouds?
Me: Well. Really far away, Lily.
Lily: Oh. I'll need my binoculars to see him.
- note: I know that's a cop out answer, but come on, I was put on the spot.

Lily: somebody opened my door.
Jesse: what Lily?
Lily: someone opened my door while I was sleeping...where's Mommy?
Jesse: she went to the store Lily, she'll be back soon.
Lily: who opened my door?
Jesse: Mommy did to check on you.
Lily: oh...I think it was you.

Lily: Momma, what's on your hand?
Me: I'm not sure what that is, Lily.
Lily: I think it's chicken poop.
- note: it was not.

Lily: Momma, we were pretending we were in kelp forest!
Me: ...kelp forest?
Lily: yes, that's where all the kelp is.

"I'm having trouble here!"

Jesse: Lily, ask Momma if she wants her Mother's Day present today or tomorrow.
Lily: TODAY!

"what a beautiful day to be outside."

Yelling from the bathroom to me in the kitchen:
"Momma! Why do we have belly buttons!"


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