26 April 2014

Lily isms 18

Trying to convince Jesse to stay home from work today:
"But there are no toys at work!"

Me: I'm not sure what this boo-boo is from.
Lily: but you know everything about boo-boos!

Lily: Momma, I have a problem!
Me: what's your problem?
Lily : Emma!
Me: what's she doing?
Lily: she's sticking the duck in the toilet!

"Daddy, you're a big sangwhich!"

Lily: I want cheese!
Me: ...cheese doesn't go on waffles.
Lily: no! I just want cheese on my plate! That's why I was talking to you about cheese.

"Eat your deer, Emma, it's all shotted."

"Oh my goodness, Momma."

At Grandma and Grandpa's house, Lily saw a crack in the slide:
"Grandpa, you just need to glue it."

"Oh nuts."

"Emma, don't break my doctor things glasses or I will be very sad and Momma will have to calm me down."

"Let's ride in the super duper cool cart!"

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