10 April 2014

Lily isms 17

"My cough-es makes my mouth hurt."

"My fingers are lost!"

"I like going to Grandma and Grandpa's! They have treats!"


Going to the grocery, the cart we picked was a little wet.
Me: I'm sorry your bottom will get wet Lily.
Lily: oh, don't worry about it.

Lily was patting Jesse on the head:
"Oh I missed you boy."

Lily: Momma, I have the goose bump-es. How do we get rid of the goose bump-es?
Me: well, we don't really get rid of them, we just need to warm you up to get rid of them.
Lily: oh, ok. I get goose bump-es when I poop.

"You're my best brother, Emma."

"Actually, broccoli is a tree. Can I eat all the tree leaf-es and not the tree bottom?"

"There was a chocolate chip on my coat! Chocolate chips are funny."

Playing with a stuffed Ariel:
"Her whale tale can do anything!"

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