15 February 2014

first week (ish) at home

Shortly after delivery, once the emotional level had decreased slightly, Jesse and I agreed we are capable of having one sort of child: female, chunky, and little replicas of baby Jesse.

While I don't think Lily and Emma look as much alike anymore, I do think they look similar and you can tell they're sisters.  Even the nurses at the hospital commented how much they all looked alike when my mom brought Lily and Emma to visit.

And now, without more rambling, newborn pictures of all three girls.  Which I know everyone has been waiting for..
Emma. and Grandpa.
Lily. and Jesse
As far as the rest of life is concerned, we are all adjusting fairly smoothly still.  Again, I know it's still early to be announcing that, but so far so good and all that.  We took our first as a family of 5 trip on Wesnesday and the girls and I dropped Jesse off at work.  Super exciting.  And the really good news is that three car seats DO fit in the back of my car.  That's been the plan but kind of a relief to see that they actually all do fit.  The girls and I also had our first ventures out together, as we had to go to an appointment for Kaylee, the grocery, the hospital and then to pick Jesse up from work.  And there were minimal tears shed, and none by me, so success!

Kaylee was still fighting jaundice, so her appointment Wednesday was to check her out for that.  The doctor was still a little concerned with her coloring, so she sent orders to the hospital for a quick bilirubin check.  I did NOT want to go do that alone, but timing wise, it just didn't work out to get Jesse first for help, so the three girls and I braved that without him.  The reason I didn't want to solo parent that was because it involved Kaylee having a quick heel poke to draw blood.  No problem for me, but my poor, tender hearted Lily absolutely melted down when she saw them do that before we were discharged.  She started sobbing to see Kaylee in such distress and was afraid that she was next.  So I had to explain why we were going back to the "hospidial" and that Kaylee would be ok, etc.  Poor thing started tearing up on the drive there.

Anyway, her levels were still a smidge high on Wednesday, so we went back to our doctor's yesterday to see how her coloring looked a few days later.  And her coloring looks good!  However, annoyingly, someone messed up her discharge PKU test and we had to have a repeat stick.  Ugh.  So we had to go back to the hospital AGAIN and now I'm just done.  They can't make me go back.  My poor baby has been stuck enough!

In between the appointment and hospital, we ran to Walmart to pick up a prescription for Lily- just a persistent rash, nothing major.  I was texting my sister, Erin, and basically just complaining: I was tired from all my running, Lily and Emma had both missed naps and were tired, and there was (worst of all) a long line at the Pharmecy.  I had gotten Emma in the front seat of a shopping cart, Kaylee in her infant career in the main basket, and then Lily also wanted in so she got the teeny corner left.  After all this, I then complained to Erin that of all things, one of the wheels was seized up, making the cart basically unsteerable and that after I got my prescription, I'd need to unload everyone to a new cart.
first bum cart
As I was standing in line compaining, a nice man in front of me was talking to Lily and chuckling as I explained to her that the wheel wasn't working and that we'd need a new cart, causing Lily much concern over the broken wheel.  He went for his turn, I went for mine and when I was done, I looked up and he was bringing me one of those gigantic, limo shopping carts that is plenty big for three people.  He helped me get the girls moved and told Lily that this was the "Cadillac of shopping carts" before leaving.  What a mood changer.  I was so blown away by that and grateful for his help.  So thank you, Random Walmart Guy, for the unexpected blessing.
Emma didn't want to hold still
All in all, we're doing well.  Since Kaylee actually sleeps- a new thing for my babies!- I have continued to have plenty of quality time with Lily and Emma, so we haven't had too much jealousy.  Physically, I'm feelong pretty good and like I've bounced back well.  There are still things I don't think I'm up to doing, like grocery shopping.  But I really feel good and am enjoying being able to actually move around again.

And I should just wrap this post up, as I've been working on it since Wednesday..

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