06 December 2013

Lily isms 10

As we were driving, I hit a bump in the road.
"What was that? Did you hit a tea pot hole?"

Jesse was working on something at the table.
Jesse: Lily, I wish you weren't sitting right there.
Lily: it's ok, Daddy, I'm just being silly.

Jesse was asking Lily if she loved him. After answering no, and going through a list of people she did love, he finally said,
"Do you love me?"
Lily: yes. And my bike.

Getting dressed one morning:
Me: what shirt do you want?
Lily: this one!
Me: the turtleneck?
Lily: yes. Is there a turtle in it?

Stall tactics are amassing. Lily didn't want Jesse to read the book, she wanted me to and was trying to get rid of Daddy.
Lily: Daddy, you stink!
Jesse: I stink? Well, I'll shower later.
Lily: no! Daddy, you stink! Go shower now!!

As she watched me separate egg yolks from whites:
"Is that a big booger?"

Watching Tom and Jerry:
"Oh, I love this. I love my Tom and Jerry show."

Driving to the store, we pass several fast food places:
"Why are yoy driving past all the lunches?!"

Discussing Emma napping and Lily having Quiet Room Time:
"Yes, I will have Quiet Room Time. Lily is 3 and will have Quiet Room Time."


My mom gave Lily a little kids songs CD, and one of the songs tells the kids to grab hold of their tongue for one part.
"Momma! My tongue won't hold still!"

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