09 August 2013

Lily isms 4

Lily was trying to get Zeke to sit.
"Zekey! Sit! Sit buddy! Zekey, sit!!"
And when that didn't work, she started signing "sit" to Zeke.

I was rushing to get ready for church.
Me: where is my mousse? Lily, have you seen it?
Lily: sure have, just a minute!
She comes back a minute later with a stuffed moose Pillow Pet we have. So close.

We bought Lily a collapsable step stool for the bathroom so she could reach the sink. She enjoys carrying it around and setting it up random places to stand on.
"Look Emma, I need to show you something 'portant! This is neat!" as she unfolds it and steps up on it to touch the wall.

As she hands a sippy cup to a little kid:
"Here, chief."

"Let's don't!"

During bath time, she got water in her eye.
Lily: ow! My needs something! Yogurt!
Me: you need yogurt for your eye?
Lily: yes!

Me: Lily, what should I make for dinner?

Lily is fighting congestion/snot.
Lily: Mom! I need yawn medicine. My don't feel good.
Me: yawn medicine?
Lily: yes! Yawn! Sneeze! My thoat hurts!
Me: ...
Lily: right there! (Points enthusiastically to the Gripe Water, for hiccups)
Me: oh, hiccup medicine?
Lily: yes! For yawns!

Jesse was getting Lily ready for bed.
Lily: this shirt! (Pulls out an old Superman shirt of mine) I want Star Wars jams!
Jesse: well, that's Superman, how about that?
Lily: ok, because my AM Superman!
(Disclaimer: she has never seen Star Wars or any superhero movies).

"Emma! Gosh, sweety heart."

"Emmy!! Oh no! These are my 'portant!!"


  1. Sometimes it hurts to see them grow up! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can hardly wait...! Finger paints, coloring, bubbles, playground. PROBABLY one weekend won't be long enough! ;)