24 July 2013

Lily isms 3

When we were outside playing, Emma wandered off.
"Well, I better find Emma before she gets in trouble!"

After Jesse showered, Lily was patting his wet hair.
"Daddy, you got rain on your head!"

Lily accidentally drew on herself with a pen.
"Oh no. That's ok, it happens."
Also, while snapping green beans, she shot a bean at her own eye.
"Ow! That happens."
--this is my current favorite thing she says.

Emma and Lily are playing in Lily's new sleeping bag.
"Come in here, Emma! It will be fun!"

"Let's get this show started!"

At a restaurant, Jesse stands up and says he has to go to the restroom. Very loudly, Lily says, "AGAIN?"

Me: Lily, are you tooting?
Lily: yeah, my am. It stinks!
Me: yes, yes it does.
Jesse: it smells like a stunk!
Lily: it DOES smell like a stunk. My need a bath.

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  1. You need to write a book, or should I say Lily needs to write a book, it would be a bestseller!