05 July 2013

Lily isms 2

My apologies for bad formatting. I'm posting from my phone as these funny moments happen, and who knows what goes on in the phone formatting phase.

I asked Lily to feed Zeke, which she happily did. After he finished eating, I asked how much she'd given him.
"A little more than enough."
Ok, perfect amount.

We have wild lillies growing by our creek. One day when we were walking to take care of the chickens, I thought Lily would enjoy sharing her name with the pretty orange flowers.
Me: do you see those orange flowers? Those are called lillies.
Lily: those are daffodils?!
Me: no, they are called lillies. Just like you!
Lily: no! Those aren't mine! Those daffodils aren't mine!

As she is "doctoring" Jesse and removing "ticks" and "splinters" with tweezers:
"Don't worry, my am very good at this."

Getting ready for baths.
Me: ok, come on girls, bathtime!
Lily: my not need a bath! My am not stinky! My am beautiful!

"See you later, Emma alligator!"

Our cousins, Rick and Nikki, are visiting and being troopers and sleeping on an air mattress. Yesterday morning, Lily decided to walk on the mattress while Rick was still sleeping and buried under blankets, and tripped over him.
Jesse: what did you trip over?
Lily: a turtle.

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  1. Cute post, thanks for sharing--by the way, did Rick notice that Lily had tripped over him?