24 June 2013

Lily isms

Lily is absolutely cracking Jesse and me up, and I feel I haven't been able to adequately share the humor we see every day. As a result, I may try and just post some funny things she does and says to keep up and so I can look back in several years and remember.

The other day, we were driving to work and she was rambling on and on and finally, got really excited and said "Momma! Look at my sparkle!" I was confused, I knew her clothes didn't have any sparkles so I just said "that's nice" and continued driving. She was presistent and kept stumbling over her words, like she does with a new word she is trying to remember. She went with "sparkle," then tried "twinkle" and "sprinkle" and finally said "Momma! Right here! On my leg!" I looked back quickly and saw she was pointing to the freckle she discovered on her leg the other day. Sparkle, freckle...similar.

Jesse was driving with her another day (after a doctor appointment) and he told me their conversation went like this:
Jesse: did the doctor look at your belly?
Lily: no
Jesse: why?
Lily: Because.
Jesse: Because why?
Lily: NO! MY said because why!
I try really hard not to leave an answer at "because I said so" but I think that's what she was going for with her response to Jesse.

As she's jumping on the couch, minus the cushions: Mom! My am hoppin' everplace!

Another Jesse and Lily driving story. As they're passing a skunk that had been hit recently:
Lily: what's the smell?!
Jesse: that's a skunk.
Lily: stunks yucky! We gotta get outta here! Stunks are stiiiiiiiinky!
Please note that she refers to "skunks" as "stunks"

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  1. Looks like you have constant entertainment, nice that they keep you smiling!