11 March 2013

a breath of fresh air.

I.  Love.  Spring.

Like so many, we experienced some outstanding weather this past weekend, and it was so needed and welcomed.  Saturday hit 60s and Sunday was in the 70s.  I think that everyone I talked to was enjoying the weather immensely, taking full advantage of it and being outside as much as possible.  The fresh air did wonders for me, and I actually had the windows open yesterday afternoon.  Don't get me wrong, I am ok with long as there is pretty and deep snow where I can go sledding or build snowmen with Lily.  Other than that...the dreary just drags on too long and I get down and moody.  Evident by my last several posts and lack thereof.

However.  Spring.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Saturday started off kind of chilly, but was warm enough for me to go for a nice run outside during naptime while Jesse started smoking some chicken on our grill.  We bought a Weber charcoal grill last summer and have gotten more than our money's worth out of that thing, and I am completely fine with grilling/smoking being one of Jesse's hobbies, because he's pretty good at it and the results are delicious.  Anyway, with the nice weather, Jesse "got to hankerin'" (his words...) some smoked chicken and that just made Saturday the best day we've had in awhile.  The girls and I played outside and Emma just loved it.  Lily was all kinds of excited too, of course, but Emma was too little last summer/fall to really enjoy anything besides the texture of grass, but she was happy as a clam crawling around our patio and eating dirt before I pulled her bouncer outside to confine her.  AND *drumroll please* she has only been up one time in the night the past two nights.  This.  is an outstandingly new record and if playing outside and fresh air is the reason, you can bet the girls and I will be outside every day that we can.

Yesterday went way too fast.  We did some work inside, some outside, and Jesse even got a chance to try out his new clay pigeon thrower.  I didn't get to this time, but I will soon enough and show him up.  Or I will just get to give it a try...

big girl at 8 months
spinning in circles
I think as a parent, some days, you can absolutely be exempt from work outs and lifting weights.  because let's be honest, Lily loves this and she is heavy.  especially when she wants to do this for minutes on end and when you set her down she says "again, again!"
why yes, we are now standing unassisted.
I felt like I had so many stories to share, and now that I've sat down, I can't think up too many.  We had a great weekend and it was over too fast: we are absolutely looking forward to many more like it as the weather continues to warm up.  


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