24 March 2013

please pass the Lysol..

Well.  Lily is currently working her way through her first stomach bug.  We've all passed around multiple colds, possible sinus infections and she's had RSV, but this is the first stomach bug we've had in the house- excluding morning sickness from me.  It.  is.  misery.  Poor kid (since she corrects me when I call her baby and tells me her name is Lily, not baby...).

She started crying in the middle of Friday night and when I went in, she told me she had "spit" everywhere.  Sure enough, puke alllll over the place.  I cleaned her up and then dumped her in our bed to cuddle daddy (what a lovely awakening for Jesse) while I cleaned up and changed the sheets on her bed.  I'd finally settled back down and was just dozing off- which took much longer than normal because I was now worried about her- and she was calling for me again.  More "spit."  After the third such episode, I was now mostly out of clean pajamas for her and definitely out of clean sheets.  Unfortunately timed, I hadn't gotten to those loads of laundry yet.  Anyway, I cleaned her up again and set Jesse to covering the couch and making her a place to sleep up front and getting me a blanket and pillow to join her up there.  We both slept eventually, and between the two girls, I was up quite a bit that night. 

Laundry seriously took all day.  This is not an exaggeration in the least, and I probably ran 4-5 loads through the wash.  Our poor leach field was struggling to keep up by the end, I think.  To be fair, one load didn't pass the fresh smell test, so it had to be re-done.  Lily laid around all day, watching Mickey Mouse and trying to drink water, watered down juice or Pedialite, all of which just bounced shortly after hitting her stomach.  She finally was feeling better after a very long nap, and happily walked/frolicked down to the barn with us later to see the chicken coop.  Of course she over did it, and barely could move the rest of the evening, though she was able to keep liquids down.  She had a bite of banana and tried to be interested in apple sauce, but really just went to bed after a nice bath.  

She's doing a little better today..only in that she hasn't thrown up, is still keeping liquids down and had half a banana.  I hate that she feels so miserable.  

Emma is avoiding whatever it is so far, so that's good, but she was just off all day yesterday too, which made me extra paranoid.  Between the two girls, I was probably up every hour last night, so that wasn't too fun, and am running on fumes today.  And coffee.  Plenty of that. 

All the sickness aside, Jesse was able to get a lot accomplished yesterday while still helping out with the girls.  He worked/finished out chicken coop, completed 75% of the bathroom floor, went into town for a Lowe's and Wal-Mart trip for sick Lily foods, grill some chicken and was still up and kicking long enough to tinker on my 4wheeler some.  I was just pleased to sit down after the girls went to bed, forget doing anything else.  

So let's do see about some pictures now.  Sorry my brain is semi-fried, I had a lot more to say but will have to try and find motivation later this week. 
spring is here and flowers are coming up :)
Jesse teased me for taking pictures of a muskrat, but I told him I was trying to document different wildlife that I see at our house.  so there.  plus, I couldn't see exactly what it was and found my camera (with the zoom) before I found binoculars.  and for some reason, he didn't think it was silly when I didn't get a picture of the mink I saw..he asked if I got pictures that time.  I don't know what he wants.
And now, finally...progress pictures of our "winter project."
the best before picture I have.  you can't see the dingy linoleum that well..
oh hey, there's me.  note the lovely light fixture.  possibly the best part.  right after the peeling wallpaper.
Lily liked trying to help pull the wallpaper down.  which was horrible.
goodbye ugly medicine cabinet mirror
changing the main light/fan
ahhhhh better
much better
hm.  ok, well this is the best picture of the cabinet area I have.  I painted it white.
bathrooms have a surprising amount of space if there is no toilet in there...
pretty new floor!  it isn't quite done in this picture, but it is now!
So, what we have done: removed wallpaper- sanded, spackle, sanded; primed and painted the walls; replaced the over the sink light fixture; replaced the main light fixture- which involved patching a hole in the ceiling; added texture (because it was smooth?) to the ceiling and painted the ceiling; painted the cabinet; replaced the flooring.  We are close to being done.  Jesse is currently replacing the faucet fixture in the sink and then will be working on cutting moulding for me to paint before we get that replaced.  Then add our mirror and I think we'll be done!  Final pictures will come eventually.

For pictures of the girls, go to my other blog.

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