14 February 2013

hey check it out, I updated!

Hello friends and family.  I have so much to fill you in on.

Ok, not really.  But I figured that was as good of a hook as any.  Maybe I shouldn't have given away my secret about nothing exciting until the end of this post to make you stick around and read the whole  Oh well.  I will compensate for boring-ness with pictures of my kiddos.  Because yes, I am one of THOSE moms.

Nothing really has changed since my last post.  It snowed again, and I continue to be confused by the weather, but am taking it as it comes by playing outside in the snow with Lily one day, and taking both girls on a 2.5-3 mile walk down the road and back.  Details on those adventures in a minute.

Most importantly, this past weekend, Jesse and I (and the girls) went to Toledo for the baptism of our godchildren!  Woohoo!  We drove to Findlay Friday evening, spent the night with my parents and were able to see and visit them for a few hours before quickly running to see Mama and Poppy before heading on to Toledo to crash the Brennan party up north.  The timing worked out great, and we were glad to we could see my mom for a little bit so close to her having her hip replacement surgery.  She's doing great and will be back to tap dancing in no time.
In Toledo, Lily very excitedly smothered Noah and Brianna with love and did all that she could to "help" Nikki with everything baby related.  Dear Nikki and Rick, thank you for being so patient and understanding with my little crazy ball of energy.  Lily liked to "help" feed the babies and particularly enjoyed shaking the bottle ("Nikki does") and holding both babies ("TWO babies!").  Unfortunately, I was terrible about taking pictures, so Rick, please send me one or two if you have a minute so I can brag and show off?  I was kind of nervous about how my girls would do during the baptism/Mass on Sunday morning, especially since Jesse and I were supposed to do godparenting things, but Emma didn't care where she was or who was holding her-- and loved hearing herself "sing" and echo off the ceiling-- and Lily found this middle of the Mass to be the best time to root through the diaper bag and pull out a pair of her panties and parade them around our row before handing them proudly to Rick.
Candy Land did NOT go so well..but she enjoyed it anyway.  and Nikki and I learned that when you open the box, all the colors are together.  so your first 5 draws might all be purple.
The weekend was over way too fast and we had to head home on Sunday.

So, other stories.  We had a good amount of snowfall the other day, so while Emma was snoozing one afternoon after work, Lily and I bundled up and headed out to play in the snow, so I could show her how fun it is.  This outing went MUCH better than the first.

she needed her "Toon Car" (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
go ahead and judge ours snowman.  Jesse did a ton and told Lily they would build a "real" snowman on the next snow, complete with arms and a scarf.  at least I got it pretty big..I made the second level too big and couldn't lift it, so I had to make it a smaller.

"look,  my crawling!"
making a snow angel.  which she thinks are called "androids."  ah, raising children in this technology age.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day, taking another afternoon off napping, I put Lily in the backpack and Emma in a stroller and off we went down the road to buy some honey from the neighbors.  That.  was. a.  workout.  Whew.  Lily may have been easier in the stroller, but Emma happily napped there and back and Lily loved looking around and pointing out different colors and shapes we saw, so I don't mind the sore back I've had the past few days.
Amazon got smart and sent us two boxes of diapers and wipes in one big box verses 3 separate boxes.  the girls loved it.
someone thinks she's pretty clever for getting in the basket all by herself.

 We have a romantic night planned for Valentine's Day, filled with sanding and priming walls for painting in our bathroom.  Special, I know.  But honestly, I think I got Jesse a card once?   Neither of us really think of today as a "holiday," and really kind of view it as a waste of time and breath.  And a good way for Hallmark to make some extra money.  But seeing as how neither of us really are card people we just move on with life.  Plus, his birthday is Sunday, so I'll make him something yummy then.  
I will hopefully be back with more posts soon... 

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