10 July 2012

thankful Tuesday/short update

Another edition of what I'm thankful for this week.  

1- two happy and healthy little girls!

2- a hard working husband who still has a job, even if it's not with the same company.  and on this note, Jesse has reported that his first day went really well, and his second was good, too, just kind of slow.  I'm not sure if he meant the work was slow or the day was just going slowly because he wanted to be home..

3- electricity.  pretty sure I don't need to expound any more on that. 

4- the ability to run again!  I went for a short run yesterday and was so excited about it.  my body, however, was less than amused. 

5- that we have more dog than deer ticks around here.  kind of gross/odd to be thankful for, but I know some areas are so much more prone to the diseases and such that a tick can carry, and for the number we have pulled off of Zeke and ourselves, I'm thankful that this isn't an area that is high risk for Lyme's disease.  although we do have to keep an eye out for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever..explain that to me, this is the foothills of the Appalachians.  the Rocky's are clear across the country.  
*** ** ***
I really have very little to update the world on: both the girls are doing great.  Emma had her two week check-up (on 6/29..) and the PA we saw declared her "perfect."  After dropping to (I think..) 8 lbs, 13 oz at the hospital, she weighed in at 9 lbs, 15 oz at her appointment, putting her in the 90th %.  Clearly, my naive hope of having a smaller second baby was absolutely ridiculous.  I'm going to have to go back and find all the paperwork the doctor sent home with Lily with heights/weights, because I am curious to compare the two this first year.  Actually, I probably threw all that away, ugh.  I will have to call the doctor.  Anyway, Emma is doing great, and the comment I've gotten the most- besides "LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!!!"- is that she doesn't "look" like a newborn.  I guess with her birth weight being a good 2 lbs over the average, I can see that.  

Lily is doing great, too.  Her favorite activities include running, Ring Around the Rosy- specifically the "all fall down" part- reading, eating, harassing Zeke and now, Emma.  I'm astounded by her vocabulary now, which has been growing in leaps and bounds.  I can't always understand what she is saying, but Jesse and I are pretty good at guessing Lily speak, which we should be, I guess.  Lily's current favorite phrase is "oooooh MAN!" which cracks me up every time, while she likes to shout "MESS!" if she's dropped something, or there is, in fact, a mess.  She continues to love on Emma every chance she gets, and is figuring out what the baby's name is.  I would say that up until the beginning of the week, Lily would happily call Emma by Emma, Elmo, Momma or Baby.  We have now succeeded in convincing her that her sister's name is Emma.  

I guess that's it from here for now, though!

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