25 June 2012

if you give Lily a drink..

I really will try and catch up on everything with my blogs here sometime: pictures of the girls and updating on how adjusting to being a family of 4 is going.  But right now is not that time.  I have some absolutely fabulous pictures to share.  I could have asked Jesse to play with Lily, but sometimes it is the spontaneity that makes for good pictures and more laughter.

Jesse started by watering the garden.  And Lily was thirsty.  That should be enough explanation.

flips and pacifier forgotten in the garden

by the time I got back outside with my camera, her dress was soaked.  no point in keeping it on..

her first attempt at using the hose herself ended in a face full of water.  unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough with my camera and she learned quickly.


ps.  today is my due date and Emma is 10 days old.  God is good.


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