08 April 2011

hello, sun?!

Well, this past week decided to tease us here in WV with a bit of nice, Spring-y weather.  And by 'tease,' I mean it is supposed to rain and storm the rest of the weekend.  So, Lily, Zeke, Jesse and I made the most of the one or two absolutely gorgeous days that we could.  

Monday or Tuesday (I don't remember), I took Zeke and Lily for a jog: we used the new running stroller, and Zeke got a good workout keeping up with me.  The first lap at the park, he was so excited and ran ahead of me.  By the second lap, he was jogging behind me.  We walked the third, and this was the result for two days:

Wednesday was so pretty outside that Jesse took the children for a walk at the park while I ran a few miles.  It was just so nice to get outside after all the cold of winter and spring showers/storms we've been having for the past two weeks.  

Thursday, the weather was perfect.  It was a great day to sit outside on a blanket and introduce Baby Bear to what grass is, and how wonderful it feels on your bare feet.  Low to mid 70s, with a bright sunny was perfect.  Momma could've easily fallen asleep, but I refrained.

So, after 4 gorgeous days, today was the drizzly-overcast type day, and it is supposed to rain all weekend.  Ugh.  We'll see if my long run happens tomorrow..

Today was a good, productive day: Jesse's dad text me this morning and asked if we were busy this evening (which we were not), and said they were thinking about coming to visit for the evening.  We had a great visit with them, and while Lily decided she wasn't going to show them how she kind of/sort of army crawls, she did sit up nicely for them and had a good cuddle with Grandma Hildebrand during dinner.  Dad H also brought me my rolling pin he made (yaaaaaay!!!  so excited, thanks, Dad!) and Mom brought the scrapbooks she made for Jesse and me of my pregnancy with Lily (LOVE them, they turned out great!  Thanks, Mom!).  

We're all looking forward to the weekend trips and get-aways we have planned..but it also means a ton of traveling.  I will try and keep pictures and stories coming :) looking forward to it all, while hoping and praying that Lily continues to travel as well as she has so far.  

Last thought: Lily officially likes oatmeal now (she wasn't a fan before), as well as sweet potatoes.   Still not a huge fan of peas or green beans (surprise, surprise).  We're working on it, though.    Turns out, introducing new foods to babies is a similar concept to introducing new foods to dogs: when she didn't like the oatmeal, I just mixed a bit at a time into the rice cereal until SURPRISE!  Just eating oatmeal and loving it :)

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  1. So I'm convinced that one of the main reasons you had a kid was to get all of the silly hats you can't justify getting for yourself :)

    Also. How long has Lily been eating food-things?