17 April 2011


This may end up being a bunch of random thoughts/paragraphs all thrown together into one post, hopefully in coherent sentences, but I make no promises. 

First: Lily is on the move.  She is army crawling all over the place.  Of course, all the toys we put out for her to play with are ignored as she makes a beeline for any toy of Zeke's, including his bones and rawhides, tennis balls and his new favorite squeaky toy.  The squeaky toy has been rather entertaining because Lily loves it, and so does Zeke.  So he is really protective of it, which has caused some issues when he growls at her (not acceptable) when she goes for it.  Currently, Zeke is dozing with it in his mouth so she can't get it, but that's ok, because she's been distracted by a cardboard box to lick.
I think Zeke has also been experiencing some levels of jealousy.  Not to the point of doing anything harmful, because he still loves Lily, but he's kind of ridiculous.  For example, I will be sitting on the floor playing with Lily, and he will try and weasel his way between us and sit on my lap for a back scratch.  I think he thinks he is still the little puppy that used to fit on my lap..

Second: Jesse and I are sick.  And that is incredibly lame.  I'm hoping and praying that a) we're both better by my half marathon, and b) that we don't pass whatever it is onto Lily.  It's kind of a cold/sinus infection kind of thing..I think.  Jesse has the added joy of a cough and sore throat.  We may need to go to the doctor to help make (a) a reality and prevent (b).
Speaking of my half marathon, my training last week was just pathetic.  I don't think I can even call it "training," and being sick again doesn't help me want to run.  Oh well, I've completed enough of my runs that I'll be able to finish the race, maybe not with the time I wanted, but there's always next time.  

Lily has gotten to play in the grass and outside some..and she loves it.  Which is great, considering how much Jesse and I love being outside and all the great plans we have for this spring/summer that involve being outside.  When I sit Lily in the grass, while she's not clapping yet, she will flail around like she does when she's really excited about something.  And since the little goober doesn't like to laugh, she has a smile that just lights up her face, and I think if she smiled any bigger, her face would crack in half. 

What else can I update you on..Lily still doesn't like peas, but she does love sweet potatoes, and I gave her part of a banana this morning.  We have a baby grinding mill thing so we can make our own baby food.  Jesse was pretty skeptical of it at first, but now that he's seen it in action, he's a fan.  Actually, his exact words of grinding up the sweet potato were "it's like a Play-dough fun factory!" 

I sat Lily in front of a mirror and she played for probably 20 minutes while she watched herself

I got to go out with Jen Friday night, and that was tons of fun.  It was very relaxing to go and have some time away from the house and know that Lily and Jesse were fine.  Jesse was a bit nervous at first, but he said the evening went fine.  They had a few hours worth of fun playing on the floor and computer games (ok, the computer games were mostly Jesse).  By the time I got home, she had eaten a whole jar of sweet potatoes, had gotten a bath and was in bed!  He's a champ.  Now if we could just get her to sleep through the nights again..and if I could breathe, life would be fabulous.

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  1. You're Oh-So-Busy!
    I hope you feel better. Please feel better!
    And these pictures of lil Lily are the cutest things I've ever seen!
    Besides your face of course, which I get to see in just a couple days :)