02 April 2011

excuse me, where is my spring?

We recently purchased a running stroller.  So naturally, now that we have one and are ready for the great outdoors and to go on some wonderful runs and walks with Lily, the weather has been horrific.  Cold, rain and snow.  Ugh.  First, I don't want to take Lily out in that and second, I don't want to be out in that!   I keep hoping that the weather will decide to be nice so we can do more things outside, but unfortunately, this is not the case.   

Zeke had his friend, Small Dog, over at the beginning of the week.  After having a blast inside for awhile, I decided it wasn't that cold outside, and the dogs would probably enjoy a romp in the yard.  So I bundled Lily up and off we went.  And yes, I did use my new stroller to push her around the yard.

the aforementioned "Small Dog"
"Big Dog"

This little munchkin is on the move.  I guess I can no longer deny this fact.  She isn't crawling..not even the army crawl.  I'm not sure what she's doing.  I've sat and watched her to try and figure it out, and it just is confusing me.  The best I can figure is that she created a hybrid move.  And I don't know a better word for it: she turns in circles, pushes herself backwards, side to side and occasionally a little forward momentum and somehow is moving across the room.  For some reason, I can't upload videos to my blog or you would have footage of this.

I present this picture as evidence: she started IN the bouncer (the pink seat on the right side of the frame).  And when I came back in the room, she was definitely out of the bouncer and well across the room.  I have no idea what happened.  Maybe she can transport herself?  

she pushed herself under the chair..and then pulled the blanket down on top of herself; she was not amused
not sure what this is, but I think she gets tired trying to push herself around
Again, if I could upload video (this is bothering me that it isn't working..), I would share the footage of Lily's first experience with peas.  She isn't too fond of them, or oatmeal for that matter.  We're going to try again, but she just doesn't seem interested.  Since there have been no allergies to anything so far, we may try green beans soon..I did some research on how to make my own baby food for her, and once we have introduced a few more types of food that we know she isn't allergic to, I will be making some of my own.  We'll see how this goes..

The Parents
My running is..going.  I was a slacker this week.  The weather just hasn't been cooperating, and it doesn't really give me any motivation to go running.  And let's just face it, running on treadmills is lame. I don't mind doing it occasionally, but anything more than 5 miles is almost torture.  I refused to even attempt the 11 miles I was supposed to do today on a treadmill: that just seemed ridiculous.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and I will be able to do a few longer runs this week to make up for it.  I'm really looking forward to this race, even if I'm not the most prepared runner.

Jesse is doing great.  I feel I don't talk about him too much, so I now shall devote a paragraph or two to him :) he just called and is on his way home from buying his new (to him) kayak from a guy off craigslist.  We sold the one he bought last year and used that money for this new and improved one that he likes much better.  And if this weather would cooperate, we could go fishing and kayaking!  Before anyone panics, I have been banned (by Jesse and a few friends) from the thought of taking Lily in my kayak with me at this point.  hmph.  Regardless, he's looking forward to getting out on the water and spending some time fishing, hiking and camping this spring. 
Let's see, what else has he been up to..
He's been very encouraging and patient with me while I train for my race.  I (apparently) tend to stress out about my runs and how they fit into my day with things that need done around the house and working, but he has been very patient with me and helped out around the house, which has been great.  He's still annihilating me in fencing, but I'm claiming that a) he's been doing it longer than I have, b) I don't have as much energy as he does (from my runs, of course), and c) he has the natural first-born ability to catch onto everything lighting fast and I have to work harder to be good at things.  I'm not sure any of those are true, but he really is doing awesome, and we're having a lot of fun doing it.  I really will have to take my camera one week to document this (someone please remind me).

That's about it, I suppose.  I feel like my updates have been kind of lame lately, so if they are boring you, please let me know :) we're kind of just floating along right now; the calm before the storm of spring!  We have several weekend trips planned for various odds and ends, plus with siblings graduating, vacation and trying to sleep, it'll be a busy few months!  

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