24 February 2010

9 weeks, 4 days

With family and friends all over the place, I decided that I should possibly consider starting a second blog for said individuals to read and follow along with what is going on with Squirt/Tigger/Baby Mark/Baby Joel/Baby/lil guy. The day that we found out that I was pregnant I began to..journal I guess..just some thoughts, feelings, emotions and the beginning of me trying to process what was going on. As of today, I still don't think I have completely wrapped my mind around this yet, but I'll post my first ramblings at some point.
So 9 weeks in..what does that mean? Jesse and I went to the first ultrasound on the 15th where we were able to see our baby and hear the heartbeat! The doctor/technician said that everything was looking good which is great and had been one of my big concerns. I will try and post the ultrasound pictures, but our scanner is being lame.
Currently, few foods sound appetizing but I have kept everything down. I was fairly nauseous between 4-8 weeks, but that seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, that has been the extent of my "morning sickness." I announced to Jesse shortly after the doctor told us we would definitely be having a baby that I would be skipping morning sickness, as it doesn't sound like any fun. He laughed at me, but praise God, I've done it so far! I've been very tired, but who is surprised there? If you know me, you know I love naps and my sleep, so any excuse is fine in my book for an extra cat nap here and there. Going back to food, fruits have sounded divine, as well as yogurt and pizza. Unfortunately, none of Jesse and my standards sound appetizing at all! Which is incredibly frustrating to us both..but I've been chowing down on some PB&J, spaghetti and other pastas, pizza and recently LOTS of bagels! I read in a book that it's good to give into some cravings, but not the ones where I'm "craving" ice cream. Craving chicken could be my body crying out for protein, so the book said to listen and determine what my body is trying to say.
As far as exercise go, I am still trying to push through and run my half-marathon with Dad in April! I've gone 8 miles as the my longest run and it was really, really hard. I was shot for the rest of the day, but I did it! I think I have a 9 miler this weekend, which I am dreading, but we'll see. The midwife we're going to said I was still allowed to run my race but I had to keep my heartbeat under 140!! Say what?! HOW?! Obviously she's not a runner! I would have to drop my "run" down to a walk for sure. Dad is sending me a heart monitor to use when I'm running, so I'll hopefully keep it at least around there.
That's about it for the opener blog I guess. I'll try and post an ultrasound picture at some point, as well as those initial journal entries and doctors appointments along the way.

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