27 February 2010

10 weeks

I'll tell you what, I have been about DYING to go sledding with all this snow we've been getting here! It's just about ridiculous how much we've gotten! I should really look at a weather report and see what the grand total is and what the record is, because I'm pretty sure I have never EVER seen so much snow in one winter! Sadly, Jesse, some friends of ours here and I have decided it wouldn't be the safest thing for me to go sledding...but I would at least watch! We just haven't found any hills that are clear of trees to use. We'll have to wait and see what we can find.

In other news..10 weeks today!
I think I mentioned going to that crisis pregnancy center? The little rubber doll Jesse is holding is a replica of a baby at 10 weeks that they gave me there. Look how tiny! I mean you read in books how big the baby is, but to actually see it is pretty cool I think.

Not too much to see at this point, but in a few months I suppose that will be different!

1 comment:

  1. That little baby model is so cute! how exciting to see how big your baby is right now in actual baby form and not just oh it's a raspberry or a peanut. haha
    & I hope digging up cactus isn't illegal here! haha oops.