27 April 2017

LEK are hilarious 48

Emma, passing napkins out at dinner: how about the napkins join our feast?

Emma: I need a Barbie chair!
Lily: there's another stool in the Barbie house..
Emma: I'll get it! What's it look like?
Lily: it' short, like this, shaped like a square..
Emma: no no, just tell me what color it is.
Lily: pink.
(Emma runs off)
Lily: WAIT! It's like a medium pink.
[note: this is how Jesse and I also give directions]


Emma: I'm burning like a hot dog.

[I wrote myself a note about a conversation the girls and I had, but was not descriptive enough to remember the specifics of it. Fail. However, I do remember that Emma was sharing with us something from Hercules, and referred to Pegasus as, "Pegahorse." And that was really the important part.]

Kaylee (singing): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive.
              6, 7, 8, 9, 10 then I let him go again.
              Why did you let him go?
              Because he bit my finger so.
              Which finger did he bite?
              This one on the left.

Lily: see, I told you the zebra skirt was a good idea. It goes with everything.

Lily: I would take good care of a puppy, if I got one.
Emma: well, maybe we should get something else to practice on first. Like a plant. If we take good care of a plant, we will take good care of a puppy.

Kaylee: I ate all of my potato tots!

Me: hey yo, don't track your dirty shoes all across my house, please. And wash your hands since you were cleaning up dog poop.
Emma: oh yes, well, I didn't step in any!
Me: ...that's good...
Emma: I just touched it a little bit with my hand by accident.

Lily: you look so tan, Momma! Just like cookie dough that just got made.

Kaylee: wow, this is really spicy. I'm NOT in a fan of this.

Emma: this cookie is just melting to town.

Emma: we need really chocolatey chipp-idy pancakes!

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