29 March 2017

LEK isms 47

Kaylee: Old MacDonald's had a farm...with a moo moo here and a moo moo all over the place.

Emma: Momma, when I was yawning, a hiccup got in the front of it.

[Lily asked the Amazon Echo to tell her a joke, and came to tell us what she'd heard]
Lily: hey, what do you call a camel with no humps?
us: what?
Lily: free humps!
Jesse and me to each other: that's a terrible joke.
:: we looked up the joke to see how it actually went, the answer was "Humphrey."

Lily: why do we have to shut the door when we leave?
Me: so nobody comes in and takes all our stuff.
Emma: well, maybe they don't know which way to turn the door knob.
Me: that's possible.
Emma: ...well then what if they turn it the other way...maybe if it's a little girl that's a bad guy and she couldn't reach the door knob.  Maybe she'd have to kick it.

Me: wow, you girls made a mess down here.
Kaylee: I think it was coyotes.
Me: oh really?
Kaylee: yes, they came in, threw this stuff all over the place and then went home.

Me: Lily, what's the name of the big bald guy in Mulan?
Lily: I think it' I dunno, it sounds like shampoo.
:: it's obviously Chan Po.

Kaylee: I want to go to Coleman's.
Me: I don't think they're home right now.
Kaylee: are they at church?
Me: probably not, but I suppose they might be.
Kaylee: I think they are, and will be home at thirty o'clock.

Emma: can I put a fossil in the water?
Lily: no, that will turn it back into dirt. That's what it's printed out of, when dinosaurs made them.

Lily: MOM. I HAVE to learn goalie this year. Remember when I played soccer and I could use my hands? That was goalie. My teacher told me we have to learn to play it. Like, have to have to, so we're ready for next year!

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