22 December 2015

c is for cookie

I started a different post, catching up on all the shenanigans of the last 3 months, but then we made cookies and I have to share these pictures.  With my patience being as thin as it has been this week the last few months, I made the cookies and the girls got to roll some out.  I wasn't in the mood to deal with three small people bickering over whose turn it was to dump ingredients into the mixing bowl, and fortunately, I have 3 rolling pins.

it took Lily all of 30 seconds to get flour on her face.
favorite picture.
Emma was in her element.

I love Kaylee's concentration in these pictures.
some of the cookies that I rolled out and decorated. I'll let the girls decorate their own how they want.
And maybe I'll get my act together and finish my other catch up post before Christmas...or at least maybe before Christmas 2016.  Setting standards high. 

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