18 November 2015

Emma and Lily isms 37

Lily: that was so clever of Daddy to make a spaceship.

Lily: we aren't crazy drivers.
Me: no, we aren't.
Lily: you're crazy.
Me: wait, what? No, you are.
Lily: no, I'm sneaky. You're crazy.

Emma: no, Taco Bell has the ringy thing on the top.

Emma: LILY! I just saw a baby horse! He was so little!
Lily: how old was he?!
Emma: I don't know, I didn't ask him!

Lily: I'm freezing.  Brrrr!  I'm cozy as an ice pop!

Lily: was Kaylee in your tummy when Emma was?
Me: no, just Emma.
Lily: oh, God hadn't made her yet?
Me: that's right, I only had one baby at a time.
Lily: oh. But Aunt Nikki had 2.
Me: yes, God gives some people 2 babies at one time.
Lily: yeah, God probably knew you couldn't control 2 at one time.

Lily: one time, I got the hiccups down at the Coleman's.  Very interesting, Mommy.

Lily: can I have a drink?
Emma: yes, just an itty bitty bit *barely holds out water bottle.*
Emma: now, give me your mouth!

Jesse: look, cows!
Emma: they're SO beautiful!

Lily: will you speak your voice up so I can hear you?

Emma, looking up at the stars:
"maybe those lights are angels singing to God."

Lily (grab the tissues, Family):
"Poppy was so great wasn't he. He was really great. I always would sit on his lap and he'd talk to me. And now I sit on Gigi's lap, and when she is sick, I sit on Mimi and Poppo's laps."

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