30 August 2015

Lily ism 35

Lily: look! A boom bam forest!
Me: a bamboo forest?

Emma: look, an airy-yo!
(an arrow)

Lily: the days just keep coming.  But some days are more special than other days, like birthdays.

Emma: Lily, trains are sneaky.

Lily: I'm hungry.
Me: do you want some more lunch?
Lily: well, I really  just want a cookie.
Me: no, those are for tonight.
Lily: but shouldn't I try one to make sure it's good?

Lily: did you see God before he died?
Me: no, Jesus walked the earth a REALLY long time ago.
Lily: oh, did Grandma and Grandpa see Jesus?
Me: no, way before them also.
Lily: oh, he's not a human anymore?
Me: uh..well..
Emma: is he a mermaid!?

Emma: I have the yawnies.

Playing a superhero game with Jesse, Lily called Emma Wild Krat.
Jesse: Emma is Wild Krat? What's your name?
Lily: Babe.

Lily: I mean, nothing is wrong, it's just broken.

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