12 June 2015

Lily isms 33

Emma holds a pretend phone to Jesse's ear:
Jesse: hello? Who is this?
Emma: Martin Van Buren.
Jesse: ...who?
Me: the president.
Jesse: well right!

Lily: let's play put the horse tail on the cow!

Me: what do you girls want for lunch?
Lily: grilled cheese sandwich!
Emma: grilled cheese! Because I am a girl.
Me: ...what? No, it's gRIlled cheese, not gIRled cheese...
Lily: yes, and boys can have it, too.
Me: ...

Lily: no, your old boots were green like Africa because Africa is really green.  Your new boots are blue like the sky.

Emma: look, Lily, a cow! It's so nice!

Lily: that tree fell on the toppest hill.

Lily: good thing I chose Green Lantern underwear!

Lily: where is that scallywag reindeer??!

Emma: how about you get me some hummus and I will sit in your chair? That's a perfect idea!

Emma: I REALLY have to go potty! I know, you can take me to the north pole to go potty!

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