19 June 2015

happy birthday, Emma!

Emma turned 3 at the beginning of the week, and I just can't get over how "big girl" she has gotten in the last 6 months.  I kept thinking of her as a fresh 2 year old until about last month when I had a moment of, "oh, wait...she's nearly 3.  Wow."  And that took me the rest of the month to accept.  

We had a wonderful day celebrating Emma.  I made her birthday cake pancakes for breakfast, we went to Chick Fil A for milkshakes for lunch, and then went to our neighbor's for dinner and cake.  Jesse and I gave her a little 3 wheeled scooter and helmet for her birthday, and decided that she should have it first thing in the morning so she could spend all day playing with it.  Which she did.  And we had several lovely conversations about sharing with Emma and Lily, as Lily was just devastate that the scooter wasn't hers.  It's been quite the adventure this week, working on this sharing: trying to explain that this present is Emma's, but Emma needs to share it, etc.  Lily asked at bedtime that night if she could please have a "pretty pink scooter and special helmet" for her birthday, just like Emma.  Jesse about sent her through the roof when he told her she could get purple, and I think she's been dreaming about her own purple scooter since then.

the "Hello Batman" cake, as she called it.

Emma and her slug. that she later sang to.
Kaylee was having a rough afternoon, and I was trying to just rock and console her at one point, trying to remain calm.  I looked up when I heard Emma come in and there she is, wearing a pair of my glasses. I about dumped Kaylee on the floor because I was laughing so hard. she is hilarious and she knows it.
 At three, Emma is so much fun.  She loves making us laugh, and does so intentionally with her antics.  Her best friends are her sisters.  She melts down when neither of her sisters are with her, and is forming a wonderful bond with Kaylee now, as well as with Lily.  She loves bugs, worms, caterpillars, and I think every animal she's ever met.  Emma is trying hard to keep up with Lily, and loves doing whatever Lily is doing.  Her favorite color changes by the day.  I'm 95% sure I never scheduled her a 3 year old well child visit, but I'm positive she and Kaylee weigh about the same thing, which is heavy.  I should probably schedule one...sorry Emma.  We are so thankful we have this little fireball and for all her silliness she brings to our family.

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