18 April 2015

Lily isms 32

Lily was looking at a coloring page, explaining who everyone was:
"this is me, and these are my grandparents...and this is my boyfriend that I will meet some day..."
--note: NO--

Lily: Kaylee, you're going to have to learn to control yourself.

Lily: let's play fight sword!
Emma: what's fight sword?!
Lily: that's where we are knights and we swing our umbrellas at each other!

Lily: oh Emma, you're just being a silly goose.

Emma: ok, ok, chill down.

Lily: Kaylee is unpredictable.

Lily: we have bones inside our skin hands.  But not in our cheekies.  Everyone has bones.  Except some people don't.
Me: what are those people called?
Lily: flat people.

while playing outside, Emma found a spider:

Lily: who is that lady with dark hair like Kaylee's daddy?

Me: you sure are talking a lot.
Lily: yes, girls talk a lot.

During Saturday morning Legos:
Lily: *points to a picture in the instructions* what's this mean?
Jesse: it means not to shoot people with the rocket.
*a few minutes later, Jesse of course shot me with the rocket to demonstrate to Lily how it worked*
Lily: DADDY! The instructions say not to shoot people and you shot Momma! Momma is people!

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