17 April 2015

Easter and recent shenanigans.

Two updates in the same month?  What?

So we spent our Easter weekend in Findlay, I guess I never blogged about that.  Not too surprising, I haven't been the best about staying on top of this thing.  It was a nice weekend, fast and crazy with my whole family under one roof, but so fun and nice to see everyone, since we haven't gotten together since the beginning of December.  Lily and Emma loved seeing Cameron, and since he really is the first baby Kaylee has seen since she started being so mobile and remembering who people are, she was enamored by him.  Of course, she demonstrated this by smacking him on the head, pulling his hair and poking his eyes, but I think that just means, "I love you" in toddler/baby.  He didn't seem to realize it either.  

we practiced "soccer ball" with Poppo.  Lily didn't like it because Poppo kept getting in her way of the goal.  how dare he.

dying Easter eggs!  Lily was so concerned that we wouldn't be able to do this because Great Aunt Lynn wasn't there, but we assured her that while GAL makes it fun, it was still possible to dye eggs without her.

And we got our yearly family picture taken, thanks to RWaymanPhoto.
Emma just kills me in this picture.  Kaylee is practicing her "dreamy and looking off into the distance, pondering life" pose.  Lily looks SO big!
I asked Lily to sit on the steps so I could adjust my camera for the lighting.  She did with fabulous flair.
Uncle Rich wanted in on the lighting help, and I'm pretty sure Lily's face says it all: "THIS guy.  Ridiculous."
And then we stopped in Zanesville to see Grandma and Grandpa Hildebrand on the way home, and have another Easter egg hunt, because you can never have too many.  Lily was thrilled she found the golden egg and was the "winner," which she kept telling Emma.  "It's ok that I won the golden egg, Emma, I still love you."  "Do you want to see my golden egg?  It's very special."  etc.  We apparently need to explain humility and how annoying bragging is eventually.  But Emma took it like a champ and Lily let her hold The Egg too.
sumo baby, finding eggs.

oh, and we should also mention that when we stopped in on our way TO Findlay, Emma took a swim with the fishies in the fish pond.  Matt, Erin and I had a bet to see which of the Hildebrand grand daughters would swim first, and we unanimously agreed on Emma.  not like we were surprised at all, we've been expecting it, and I fell into a pond off a dock when I was little anyway, so it basically runs in the family.

Currently, we are all feeling under the weather in varying severity.  While they sound miserable with congestion and "cough-es," Lily, Emma and Kaylee are all acting just fine, including Emma bouncing everywhere like her typical, Tigger-ish self.  At the beginning of last week, Kaylee just seemed to be struggling to push a few more teeth through, but now it seems she has caught the snot the other two have.  So nice they share...I think they are on the upswing and trying to get over it, finally.

Lily started soccer last week!  It was so much fun, and I'm really looking forward to the next practices and games, assuming they don't get rained out...she had a big smile the entire time, until she didn't get to throw the ball in and then she had a major melt down.  The meltdown subsided at the end when snacks were passed out, and we chatted about the game and how next time, she certainly would be able to throw the ball in, as that seemed to be the biggest problem in her mind: "I was so happy waiting to throw the ball in and then I didn't get to!"  Jesse had stayed home with Emma and Kaylee, since we weren't sure how the first day would go and what to expect, so Lily thoughtfully, and on her own, saved a few of her Teddy Grahams to share with her sisters when we got home.  What a sweetheart.

Emma is heartbroken she doesn't get to play soccer.  Because of the cold/rainy weather and the fact we're still trying to get over colds, Jesse has been keeping Emma and Kaylee at home while I take Lily to soccer.   We are anticipating quite the adventure when we all go together.  Fortunately, there is a playground nearby, so if all else fails, Jesse or I can take Emma and Kaylee there for a bit.

Kaylee is just so funny and the little daredevil.  She has Emma's mischief and adventurous nature, which is obviously super fun, but also exhausting.  She's climbing onto everything now, as opposed to just the few low things of before.  Now, nothing is off limits.  Great.  She babbles up a storm and is trying a few words on occasion.  Still no "Momma" or "Dada" which doesn't really matter to me, she knows who I am, but she does say "uh-oh, no, hot, duck, fish, this" and the new favorite Lily taught her from yesterday, "boo" which is hilarious.  Leave it to my kids to say "duck" before "Momma."  I'm 95% sure Emma did the same.

And now just two pictures I took recently that make my heart smile: 


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