27 March 2015

Lily isms 31

Lily: Mom, what day is it?
Me: Friday.
Lily: let's have Taco Bell and make it Taco Tuesday!

Lily: Momma, Daddy is stinky.

[heard from inside the blanket fort]
Lily: don't go out there, it'll be dangerous!
Emma: no, I 'dult, I'll be fine.

[after starting Cinderella at a friend's house and not getting to finish it:]
Lily: I want to see that movie.
Me: Cinderella?
Lily: yes.
Me: well, we don't have it.  Maybe we can rent it or buy it sometime?
Lily: yes, we should get it for a birthday. Daddy will buy it for your birthday.
Me: my birthday?
Lily: yes. Tell Daddy you want it for your birthday.

Jesse: are you sniffing?
Emma: no, I Emma.

Lily: I wish I could be Cinderella...
Me: that would be fun, wouldn't it?
Lily: yes. I would be Cinderella. And you, Emma and Kaylee could be the three little mouse-es. And Daddy could be...the Fairy Godmother.

The girls were telling us a story-
Lily: and there was a Queen named...Amber!
Me: YES! I'm a queen!
Lily: yes, and then Queen Amber died.
Jesse: too bad you died so quickly into this story.

Lily: Momma, you're being mean to Emma.
Me: what?! No I'm not, what did I do that was mean?
Lily: you told her she couldn't have any more treats.
Me: she already had a treat! I told her she could have one.
Lily: well that was really mean.

Emma: I super like this! It's yummy, yummy, yummy for my tummy!

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