30 July 2014

Lily isms 23

We heard crickets:
"Momma, what do I hear? I think it's a snake. Or an elephant."

"Here, Momma. Take Kaylee before I drop her."

"Alright, Daddy, let's get building!"

"Rain is very wet. It can wash poop off anytime."

"Momma! I can't do a super kick!"

"Emma is stinking up the room!"

Lily: what are you doing, Daddy?
Jesse: I'm just sitting here listening to the birds.
Lily: but I don't see any birds flying! I just hear them going tweet tweet!

Looking at a picture of a kangaroo:
"See how the kangaroo carries her baby in her basket?"

"Emma, sit on my lap! But don't poop on me!"

"Momma, I did it! You're a great friend. I'm going to give you a hug."

To preface: talking to babies in "baby talk" is a huge pet peeve of mine. Don't try and convince me that it helps children develop speech better. I don't believe it and it annoys me. That being said, Lily has started talking "baby talk" to Kaylee:
Me: Lily, please use your words, I don't like that tone of voice.
Lily: but Momma, that's boring!  

Jesse and Lily built a Superman and Lex Luther Lego set:
"Momma, this is Lufer the Lufer."

Lily: Momma got me pretzels!
Jesse: yeah, she's the best.
Lily: yes. She's the greatest snacker I ever saw.

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