02 July 2014

Lily isms 22

Emma: band aid! There! Bug bite. Band aid band aid band aid!
Lily: yes, Emma, we will see in a little bit.
Emma: *nodding* bug bite. Band aid. *starts yelling about bug bites and band aids*
Lily: Emma! I'm trying to talk to you..about..Do you need to go potty?

Me: when you get a little bigger, would you like to learn to shoot a bow like Merida (from Brave)?
Lily: but I already HAVE a bow and arrow!
Me: you do?
Lily: yes! Down at Coleman's! And when I'm a big girl, we will bring it back here so I can shoot a deer!

"I need more energy." and then proceeded to scoop up a finger full of peanut butter out of a bowl and eat it.

"Momma, will you call me Elsa? Like..Elsa?"

"Daddy, please put my water bottle in Amber's bag."

We saw a lady jogging while we drove home:
"why is she running down the street? What happened to her car?"

As she is attacking my head with a hairbrush:
"oh you're all right, Momma. Just be a good girl like Elsa."
-- if you're unfamiliar with Frozen, there's a line in The Song that says, "be the good girl you always have to be."

Me: why do you have crumbs in your hair?
Lily: well, maybe I turned my tub (of crackers) upside down on top of my head. But it's ok, I'm alright.

Lily: I throw-ded the pillow off the bed!
Me: you threw the pillow.
Lily: what?
Me: you didn't throw-ded, you threw the pillow.
Lily: ...actually, I dropped it.

"that cloud made a 'Y'! Thank you cloud!"

"why is Kaylee being noisy?"

"Daddy, why are you using Emma's tablet? That tablet is for kids. You can use Momma's."

"way go Lily!"

"funny me!"

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