26 September 2013

Lily isms 6

Lily is playing with/braiding my hair:
"uh oh. I better call Emily! But my cell phone is dead, I've been using it all morning."
"Wait a minute. I'm gonna try something. It's not working very well.."
"This hair is just struggling!"

Playing doctor:
*looks in my ear* "oh! There's Pez in there..."

As we look for our car in the store parking lot, Lily and I play the "oh, which car should we take?" game. So today as we were leaving..
"Oh, which car...THAT one! *points to our car* That dirty one, right there."

The girls have been tearing around the living room all morning. After telling Lily several times to calm down and be careful (and many bumps, bruises and crashes), she smashes into a side table we have and sends it flying.
"Uh oh! It's ok, Mommy, it was an accident!"

Ultrasound tech looked at Lily and asked if she was the boss.
"No, Daddy is."
Neither of us are admitting to teaching her that.

Lily and Jesse were playing and Lily says:
"I wanna do a flip so Momma will laugh!"
-heart melted.

"It smells like ice cream in here!"

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