14 September 2013

about halfway!

Well folks, I had another ultrasound on Monday and everything looks good!  Monday marked 19 weeks according to my count and the baby is measuring about 3-5 days behind that, making it about 18.5 weeks.  Apparently there is some new theory/formula about due dates and something about 7% something difference, blah blah blah...but my midwife said since whatever this difference in dates and sizes is now, it's less than 7% so my due date is staying at 2/3 ish.  I'll have to go back amd get another ultrasound at 28 weeks (shucks!) because my placenta is close to being "too low" and the tech saw something on the brain she wants to look at again.  I'm not concerned, the tech saw something on Emma, too, and the doctor said that was common now because the technology is so much better, they are just seeing a lot more "stuff" than they used to.  This baby also was head up, which I believe is a first for ultrasounds for me.  I definitely remember the tech commenting how low Emma's head was and that she struggled to get an accurate head measurement, and I vaugely recall that with at least one ultrasound with Lily...And the answer to everyone who has asked, yes, we're going to be "surprised" by gender again!  For me at least, I guess at the start of this pregnancy, I just had in the back of my mind already that I didn't want to find out, so not knowing hasn't been a struggle at all.  I've just had a different mind set I guess.  With Emma, until we got past 20 weeks, I was still tempted to find out.  After 20 weeks, it was a breeze.  Jesse is on board with not finding out obviously, but I think he'd be absolutely fine knowing and asked on Monday if I had found out.  Yes, we would love a boy but Jesse is certain he is just destined to have a house full of girls and no sons.  I just want a good sleeper and a calmer kid than my little.cyclone, Emma!

I've been feeling good, just tired.  No surprise there!  All my regular clothes still fit, though my smallest pair of jeans are getting snug.  My midwife commented on my weight gain since the last appointment and I laughed and said "yep!  I have been feeling good and went on vacation!  I ate everything!"  She just laughed and said "ok!"  With both girls, I lost weight in the first trimester, gained a tiny bit in the second and then gained most in the third.  That's just not the case this time and I'm not worried yet.  I may just have to work a little harder come March than I needed to when losing pregnancy weight with the girls.

Sorry about formatting and such, I had planned on finishing this post much earlier I
in the week, but never got to it.  Now, Emma and I are the only ones awake and I felt if I hurried, I could get this done.  The girls are well...Emma has been difficult these past two weeks and when I looked in her mouth on Thursday, I saw why: 3 new teeth I didn't even know about, 2 are molars!  Lily has been very tired this week, but still trying to power through with no naps.  I miss them, but she really is doing great transitioning.  Speaking of transitions, Jesse is going to build the girla bunk beds!  I'm not sure who is most excited: Jesse for having a great project, me for finally having bunks and moving the girls to "big girl beds," or Lily, who thinks she'll be helping make them and can't wait for the ladder!  I told her she could help assemble, so Jesse can look forward to that, too!

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