17 December 2012

party pants

I really can't believe that Christmas is a week from tomorrow.  We are already half way through December.  What?!  When and where did it go? 

Saturday was Jesse's company Christmas party.  Since he works for a company with roughly 40 employees, the owners/bosses are able to go mostly all out and make it a pretty fancy ordeal.  One of the owners even busted out a tux.  Jesse said he was going to be sure to let said owner know I thought he looked like James Bond.  Hopefully that helps Jesse's career in some way.  Jesse's parents came for the weekend to watch the girls for us Saturday evening so that the two of us could drive down to the Stonewall Jackson Resort for the party.  The original plan (on our end) was to spend the night there, but with Emma still not being the best sleeper through the night, we decided to just go to the party and come home this year.  We will see about next year.  Regardless, we got dressed up and took the traditionally awkward couple pictures before we headed out for the evening.  The food was delicious, I had potentially the second best cheesecake I have ever tasted (Nikki, your cheesecake last year obviously fills the #1 slot), and Jesse even asked me to dance with him.  Another owner of the company (not the James Bond one) and his wife are pretty incredible swing dancers, and since I like to dance as well, I told Jesse I wished that he and I could dance like them.  He said "maybe one day."  So I think that was a green light to look for ballroom dancing lessons..
dressing both the girls in purple was an accident.  Emma's socks were not.
look: our precious little tree is almost as tall as I am with our super tall star..
In other news, we got a letter from the Post Office letting us know that they changed our address and what our new one would be.  ...we are both pretty annoyed by that.  They are the ones that changed it-- without asking-- and they aren't even going to have the courtesy to let everyone know for us?  Jesse pointed out that as obnoxious as it is for us, some of our neighbors have lived out here for 50 years.  I guess not having the same address for more than a year continues to be a streak for us, legitimately making this our 6th address in our 5 years of marriage.  To all our friends and family who have been able to keep track of us: thank you.  I promise we aren't doing this intentionally.  If you want our new address, please send me a message so I can get it to you.  We apparently will receive mail addressed to our "old" address for a year, so don't worry if you sent us something, we will still get it!
just because they're adorable. 
That's about it!

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