07 December 2012

a little bit of catch up

Ok friends, you can stop worrying: I am alive, and so is my family.  I know you were all concerned with my lack of posting.  Does it make sense for me to say that we have been really busy but we haven't really been doing anything?  Because that's the best way I can describe our lives right now.  

Jesse and I have been keeping busy with being spouses, parents and homeowners.  We have been trying to cram in any last minute projects outside that we can when the weather is nice (and we are home) on the weekends, as well as half-heartedly attempting to put the basement back together after the construction.  I say half-hearted because that really is the truth: I had just gotten the space down here useable and then we completely demolished it.  Only a year later...and now we are back to square one.  Well, 3.  Jesse has built me some incredible shelves in my pantry again, so that room is complete, as well as the main storage area we have down here, and our computers are back where they belong.  I have zero motivation for getting the rest of it taken care of, though.  When Jesse finds time/motivation, he will be building a workbench and shelves back in his "man cave," which will help decrease the pile of stuff in the main room.  And that room will need a new name, for the record, because he is also going to be building me what promises to be a killer sewing table adjacent to his gun bench, so I'm pretty excited about that.  I will keep you posted.  
my awesome shelves in progress.  I will try and get a new/completed picture soon.  I'm kind of annoyed I never got a pic of the old ones..
The girls are hanging in there.  They have been sick since last Monday or so, and I took them in to the doctor's at the beginning of the week to make sure that it was just a cold.  Emma's congestion and cough sounded like it had moved to her chest, and I am incredibly paranoid ever since Lily had RSV at 5 months, so I am one of those mom's that takes her children in to the doctor for a cold.  In my own defense, however, I do watch other people's kids every day and I'm pretty sure they would be ok with me being cautious and not passing my germy kid's germs onto them.  All that aside, a few long nights and we seem to be on the upswing of the colds.  Jesse and I are trying to stay healthy.

Lily.  She cracks me up.  She has a checkup on Monday, so I will report her growth stats, but I absolutely love this age.  Jesse and I are having so much fun with her, and as Aunt Julia pointed out the other day: it is so much better being able to ask her a question and get an answer vs a blank stare.  Her coordination is pretty impressive, partly because of her age, but also partly because she has some of my DNA and I'm not the most coordinated person always.  She can put on shoes and socks by herself-- velcro shoes she can fasten without help, and get them on the right feet!-- remove pants to go to the potty-- or when she feels like running around naked..-- and is so close to being able to zip a coat from start to finish.  We had to break down and buy another car seat the other day for her so that Emma could move into Lily's old convertible one.  Lily's new car seat is "fancy" and has cup holders, so she thinks that is pretty slick.  She adores her sister, which just is an indescribable feeling and makes my heart so happy.  She is always wanting to help with Emma, whether it is change clothes or diapers, buckling her in, picking her up (heart attacks are less frequent now), feeding her, or helping calm her down in the car with a quiet "Emma...shhhhh."  She even has started trying to sing to her and work out gas bubbles like I do.

Emma is finally past the boring infant blob stage.  Everyone gives me appalled looks when I refer to her that way, but it's true.  I love to cuddle a new baby that has the new baby smell and one that just snuggles in for a nap, but I love a baby that's on the go even more.  She is getting to the fun infant stage where she can see and recognize people, respond to me and voices and is tracking people and following them with her eyes.  She has a 6 month (ugh, already?!) appointment in 2 weeks, so I will give you her stats then.  Since Emma threw up the rice cereal both times I tried it, and I was afraid I wasn't feeding her enough since she was still demanding food every two hours, we decided to go ahead and introduce other baby foods.  So far, she seems to be ok with sweet potato, green beans, carrots, and bananas.  I pureed and froze some sweet potato and squash the other day, and have some avocado for her to try, possibly this weekend.  She is all kinds of on the move, and can crawl quickly towards her target, even though she's not to hands/knees crawling yet.  When she does get on her hands and knees and do the rocking thing, Lily likes to announce "Emma bouncing!"  It won't be long, people.  She loves Zeke, and loves to reach out and touch his fur.  He seems to love her too, as she doesn't climb all over him yet and seems to be more docile than Lily is.  Zeke did have to put her in her place the other day, though she missed that memo.  We give Zeke the scraped out peanut butter container as a treat, and he was working on it but Emma got interested in it and went after it.  Zeke was not amused and growled at her a few times before taking his tub back to his bed.
That's about it for now.  We are hopefully going to pick up a Christmas tree tomorrow, as well as work on some other Christmas traditions we have been doing the last 2 years, though Lily wasn't very participatory.  Here is a sneak peek at one of them:

Also, go check out my other blog for updated pictures of my girlies!

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