01 December 2016

Lily/Emma/Kaylee 42

Emma: thanks, Kaylee!
Kaylee: you're welcome, babe!

Kaylee: where is the walking feet Ariel?
(meaning the Ariel with legs vs a mermaid tail)

Kaylee walked into the kitchen,
"I'm not saying anything, I just need a towel for a mess.."

Emma: MOMMA! When I yell, there's a gecko!

Emma: I know what a Boxer is.  It's a dog you put in a box and send to someone else.

Jesse whispered to Lily and Emma:
Emma: ok, but Mom, don't look out the fire pit window, it's a surprise!

Emma held something out on her finger:
"Look it's an opening seed!"
Me: a sesame seed?

Emma: that's not funny, and I know funny!

Lily: let's get a princess cat that sparkles!
Emma: no, let's get a GOLDEN cat!
Lily: uh, gold cats aren't real.

Emma: can I have some M and Emmas?

Emma: MOM.  Aunt Shasta and Aunt Jess rhyme because they both have the "aunt" sound in it!

Kaylee: I love this show, crackle nuts.
(the Nutcracker)

I was doing a spelling lesson with Lily.
Me: spell, "cob."
Kaylee: HEY!  Like cob on the corn!

a baby doll fell out of the toy high chair:
Kaylee: oh, it's ok, she didn't die, she just fell.

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