14 September 2016

Lily/Emma/Kaylee isms 41

Emma pulled the draw string out of one of my hooded sweatshirts.
Me: Emma, did you do this?
Emma: yes.
Me: Emma, please don't mess with other people's things, why did you do this?
Emma: because it was right there...
:: I laughed so hard I was crying and had to have Jesse send her away so she wouldn't see me laughing while I tried to be stern.

Emma: look! Horses!
Me: oh cool.
Lily: why are they cool?
Me: well, you can ride them...
Lily and Emma: I WANT TO RIDE A HORSE!
Me: we can probably do that sometime.
Emma: well, we can't until we have the right hat!

Emma: oh look, two deer!
Lily: oh yes!  One is a buck, and one is a unicorn.

After a long dinner prayer,
Emma: and please help my toe to feel better, because I really like it.

At soccer,
One of Lily's teammates to Lily: what's your name?
Lily: Lily.
Teammate: I'm going to call you Layla.
Lily: I'm not going to talk to you anymore.

Lily: Momma, we'd like to listen to smooth music, please!
Me: move music?
Lily: NO! SMOOTH! Like cement. Smooth.

Emma: hey!  Cookie and cookieS both rhyme because they both have the cookie sound!

Kaylee: this is a runny babbit!

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