08 January 2015

Lily isms 28

Lily: an old woman that lives in a shoe house! Silly old woman.

Lily: I need to sweep! Good thing Sweeper Lily is here!

Kaylee was babbling to Emma:
"Kaylee is calling my name!"

Emma: let's run extra fast!
Lily: No, there might be cars. And they might hit us. And then we would be flat.

As we were driving home from Findlay, we passed an alpaca/llama farm. Thinking that "alpaca" would be easier for Lily to say and remember than "llama":
Me: look at those funny animals.
Lily: What are they?
Me: alpacas.
Lily: What is that?
Me: it's maybe like a sheep?..but with a long neck..
Lily: oh, like a llama?
Me: ...yes.

Lily: what's in Jupiter?
Me: ...gas?
Lily: what's gas?
*I gave Jesse a "this is all you" look* let me think about that one.
Jesse: it's one of the states of matter: there is solid, liquid and gas. Air, like what we breathe, is a gas.
Lily: oh. well, there is a soft thing on Jupiter. And you jump on it.
Jesse and me: ...oh...

Jesse and Emma were playing Duplos, and Emma was searching for a Duplo man to put on her structure:
Jesse: oh here's one! *starts tickling Emma*
Emma: I'm not a man! I'm not a Duplo!

Lily: what are you making for dinner?
Me: pot pie.
Lily: oh, well can I have a treat?
Me: no...we aren't having treats right now.
Lily: ...then why are you making a pot pie?

Emma: Momma, I want pixie dust.

Emma: that be idea!
[note: what she means is, "that's a good idea!"

Lily: who did you call?
Me: Emily, remember my friend who got married?
Lily: oh yes! I wish we could go see her for a sleep over. I wish I could get married. Maybe when I get married, she will come stay with me.
[yes, Emily, I think you are officially the first guest on her wedding guest list.]

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