23 November 2014

Lily isms 27

Emma had an accident in the night, and when I tucked her back into her bed in new jams:
"oh this is so comfy."

Lily: Daddy, where are you going?
Jesse: I have to go to work.
Lily: are you going to bring us pizza for dinner?
Jesse: you want me to bring pizza?
Lily: oh yes, we have been wanting you to.

We have been working on memorizing the presidents of the United States with Lily and Emma and when I introduced James Polk this morning,
Lily: oh, James Hook!  Just like Captain Hook!
Me: ...what?  No, no, Polk!  Not Hook.
Lily: why?  Can we say Captain Hook?
Me: you want to add Captain Hook to our presidents?
Lily: yes!  And Mr. Smee!
-- so now, our presidents go in order until Polk and then we add Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

Emma brought me a stuffed Curious George:
"look!  George Washington!"

Lily and Emma were playing, and Lily was dragging Emma everywhere while Emma giggled, completely ignoring everything Lily wanted her to do:
Lily: I'm sorry, she's just a little stinker!

Lily: Emma is really bothering me; she keeps talking to me about hawks and birds!

We stuck Lily in the basket of a shopping cart against her will:
"Can you please let me out of the cart?  Please?  I'll give you a dollar!"

Lily was running around with a sheet over her shoulders, like a cape, and it got twisted:
"can you put my cape back on the right course?"

Me: Emma, don't give Zeke your waffle.
Emma: I'm sharing! Zekey wanted part of my pancake.
*note* it was really a waffle.

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