25 October 2014

Lily isms 26

After a particularly long and drawn out bedtime, with the girls getting up for a variety of excuses, Jesse stood outside their door and heard Lily standing with her hand on the door and Emma in bed:
Emma: no, Yay-yay, Momma's gonna spank you!
Lily: be quiet, Emma!

Me: Lily, I like how you colored in the lines, good job.
Lily: aw shucks, it was nothing.

Emma: my tummy hurts. I need donuts.

Emma was crying while I was brushing her hair:
Lily: I know a song that will make her feel better! It's called a lullaby.

Lily: when I get big like you, Momma, I'm going to have a baby in my tummy like you did! And I'm going to have to go to the hospital. But you can come see me. I'm going to name my baby Emma. Well, maybe not. Maybe I will name my baby Kaylee.

Lily: where are we going?
Me: the mall.
Emma: the mole?!
Lily: no Emma, you're saying it wrong! MALL, not MOLE. In English we say mall. In Spanish we say...
Emma: ni hao!
(note: for those of you not up on your Chinese, Emma said hi. thank you Kai Lan [kids show])

Lily: what day is it?
Me: it's Saturday.
Lily: Saturday! What does Saturday mean?
Me: well, today it means Daddy is going on a business trip.
Emma: oh yeah. Daddy go to Walmart and the bank and then home??

Emma was counting:
..six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ready or not, here I come!

Emma: Momma! I hungry! I downstairs! I call you with my mouth!

Lily trying to sweep the floor: just doing my job!


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