09 April 2013

something new. and a little annoying.

I could probably list the number of people on one hand that will be interested in this post.  Feel free to look at the pictures and move on.  I will post more pictures of the girls soon.

So over the past few weeks, we have seen several tree trimming crews up and down our little road.  I didn't think too much of it.  About 2 miles down the road, we also saw a red helicopter pretty low over one of the hills.  Again, didn't think too much about it, but I did wonder what the helicopter was doing. 

Fast forward to late last week, when one of our neighbors filled us in: they were trimming the trees along the power line right-of-ways, and he told me to have my camera ready because they'd be to our place soon.  Lovely.  

Fortunately, Lily was fascinated by the "airplane" and thought it should live at our house.  She now knows that it's a helicopter and right after we put the girls to bed last night, it came back to do a little more trimming and Jesse looked out the window, pretty annoyed, and said "perfect, right in time to wake our girls up."  This from the guy who always argues that if the girls can sleep through jack hammers in our basement, they can sleep through anything when I tell him to be quieter after bedtime.  I didn't say it, because I'm pretty sure Jesse is annoyed they were killing our trees with nothing we could do about it, but I thought how we'd moved to the country for the quiet and we can't seem to get away, apparently...
here it comes...what's it carrying?
circular saws.  just swinging away.  did I mention how windy it was yesterday and that this was directly across from my house?  
And I really do mean windy.  The pilot had to keep doing huge circles away and coming back to wait out the wind.  I had to keep reassuring myself that these spinning blades of death were not going to detach and come hurdling towards my girls and house.
I mean, I could pretty much see the pilot
"look, Momma! an airplane!"
sitting to watch 
I learn something new every day.  Never a dull moment in the country, don't let people tell you otherwise.

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